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Welcome to China Verysolar Technology Co., Ltd!

Dear sirs, we are a large manufacturer and exporter of solar water heater and solar LED street lights .

At present we have five kinds of solar water heaters and forty three kinds of solar LED steet lights available.

If you find them interesting, please feel free to contact us. We'll reply as soon as possible.

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   China Verysolar means VERY good solar products and service. At China Verysolar Tech, we bring you advanced solar thermal and high efficient photovoltaic products which may be installed in supplement existing systems. We offer energy concepts and advice based on engineering and architectural principles. We provide a complete package on renewable energy concepts. We, Verysolar, are trying to tip the scales towards alternative green energy!
    New technology will not replace existing forms of energy, but will enhance and provide green alternatives. At present, the scarcity and cost of energy is one of the biggest threats to a sustainable development of our society. Unrestricted consumption of conventional energy resources causes environment pollution and global greenhouse effects. But if we make the sun, a free and huge natural energy source, work for us, we can get a large portion of the energy needed for free and reduce substantially the environmental pollutants. Our responsibility is to produce better and more reliable systems and to make renewable energy products and affordable option and our vision is to deliver State-of-the-Art products to keep a healthy environment.

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China Verysolar Technology Co., Ltd.
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